Certificate: Rich Internet App (RIA) Program

Academy: Faratar az Danesh

Lecturer: Eng. Amirferadon Fariborzian

Master & Owner, Faratar az Danesh: Eng. Parviz Aghasadeghi

Date: Starting June 2012

RIA (Rich Internet Applications) are a special breed of web applications where the user interface has much richer functionality than what the first and second generation web applications. They look and feel more like desktop applications. RIA user interfaces are typically developed using HTML5 + JavaScript + CSS3, Flex (Flash), JavaFX, GWT, Dart or some other RIA tool. In the long run, variations of HTML5 + JavaScript + CSS3 seems to be the winner (GWT and Dart can be compiled to JavaScript).

The richer GUI client of RIA user interfaces also results in a somewhat different internal architecture and design of the web applications. RIA user interfaces and their backends are typically more cleanly separated than for first and second generation web applications. This makes the RIA GUI more independent of the server side, and also makes it easier for GUI and server developers to work in parallel. I will explain how in this text, but first I have to explain how the typical internal design looked in first and second generation web applications.






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